We Are Not Yet Done – Pastor Tunde Oyetola

Yes, we are not yet done. As long as the devil has not finished his work, we can’t exhaust ours.

Right Now!

Right now you may be sitting in a hole, instead of a throne…


I am a WOMAN
Powerful beyond understanding
Soft and comforting
A calmness to your turbulence


I gawk at the empty sheet, grasping every word that could possibly come to mind…

Why the confusion?

What’s causing this global upsurge in homosexual, bisexual and transgender lifestyles? Shouldn’t we be either one or the other?

Art Drive – Balance

When taking this shot, I couldn’t help but notice that a plant can blossom on water with very little or no soil. It made me realise that regardless of any situation, once you’re of God, your purpose can’t be void. Beauty can be from anywhere. One such as the lily can make a bland or bleak place look lively.

Writers’ Club member shines at Lagos City Marathon

Even though I knew the wheelchair category was an option, I didn’t think I was qualified. Come on, I have not tried racing on a wheelchair not to talk of 10km distance; when it’s not a pilgrim journey.

Relationship Sunday

Sir, my fiancée and I have been fighting the desire for each other and we do not want to yield before our marriage next year. What should we do?

A Faithful’s Rendition 

I want to be far from Mount Pisgah,

Walk my feet to thy promised land.

Deliver me O Lord, from the hands of strange things and falsehood,

That I may be strengthened and full of life.

The First Stone

I was dragged, half naked on the dusty streets. My feet bled as sharp stones cut into them. I was spat on, with accusing glances and words being hurled at me from every direction. I didn’t understand the unfair punishment directed only at one party of the two who had committed the crime. 

The Wind

Marvellous Alonge It hit me softly, Gently it combed through my hair and relieved the burden off my head. It confronted me with soothing slaps I’d not regret, It caressed me with sleepy air I could not resist, And swept my skirt off its stead. Who said it was only the trees that could dance…

Now Samuel was dead

Samuel had an agenda – He was the mouthpiece of the LORD. The Bible records that the words of Samuel did not fall to the ground. Samuel, greatly represented the voice of the LORD. He represented the presence of the LORD.

The Ultimate Manufacturer 

You want to know who you are?

Well, read His manual and discover yourself there.

You do not know what steps to take?

Do not sweat it!

Go get His manual and inquire.

Writer’s Club Annual Get-together

Every end of year, members of the Writer’s Club gather together to have a fun outing. It’s an opportunity to relax, reflect on past activities and brainstorm on plans for the new year.