Destined to Live: Now out in Paperback!

​Finally, the paperback version of the  must-have book by Pastor Taira, Destined to Live is out. Click here to get the Paperback copy.


The Wind

Marvellous Alonge It hit me softly, Gently it combed through my hair and relieved the burden off my head. It confronted me with soothing slaps I’d not regret, It caressed me with sleepy air I could not resist, And swept my skirt off its stead. Who said it was only the trees that could dance…

Now Samuel was dead

Samuel had an agenda – He was the mouthpiece of the LORD. The Bible records that the words of Samuel did not fall to the ground. Samuel, greatly represented the voice of the LORD. He represented the presence of the LORD.

The Ultimate Manufacturer 

You want to know who you are?

Well, read His manual and discover yourself there.

You do not know what steps to take?

Do not sweat it!

Go get His manual and inquire.

Writer’s Club Annual Get-together

Every end of year, members of the Writer’s Club gather together to have a fun outing. It’s an opportunity to relax, reflect on past activities and brainstorm on plans for the new year.

the Drive – Money/Cash

the Drive is a publication of the MFM Headquarters Youth Church. This edition focuses on the theme Money / Cash. In this issue: Financial deliverance Money tips for smart youths Money devotion and lots more. Download 👇 Bulletins _#5_page 01-04Nov-2017-1


So if the Lord will grant my wishes, then a tenth will be the bride

The Joyful Heart

Babajide Abiola Riding on a horse of gold Nurturing it like a diamond  As we all will have it, it’s a combination of thought Don’t go there! Come back! Sit down! Jump up! It falls on the consequence gotten from it  A heart felt pain with shrubs of bitterness Fighting to let it go,  but…

Misplaced Priorities

Oluwamayowa Adeniyi Oftentimes a lot of ladies do not know what should top the list of their priorities in life. Not too many usually know what they ought to push up the scale and what they need to remove from their scale of preference when it comes to what matters in life. Permit me to…


Spoken Word It’s midday, and an elite group of Spoken Word Ministers have come together in a hall with air-conditioning blowing torrents of cold air.  Under the influence of the intense cold, they adjust their composure and birth an inspiring compilation of poems. It’s COLD and these lines will give you a chill. Beware‼  …