Excellence does not come cheaply and so if you desire it, you must be ready to work hard

Evidence of His Glory – Part 1

Anointing can be packaged, but glory cannot be packaged.
The anointing may be the difference but the presence gives you the uniqueness.

Supernatural Experience

If you come in contact with God or you have an encounter with Him genuinely, your life will change.

Book Review: Becoming A Prayer Warrior – Part 1

In this book, Elizabeth Alves explores the basics of prayer, the essentials of powerful prayer, and the mysteries of spiritual warfare all of which are capable of transforming the readers’ prayer lives and creating prayer giants.

Lifestyle – Sex

Sex is more than a mere physical thing; it is spiritual and sacred.

Sex Dolls

Let us not destroy our spiritual and emotional relationships by satiating our pleasure with absurd ideas because the only source of long lasting pleasure is God’s design.

Gentleman on the Highway

Be sober, be vigilant for your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour- 1 Peter 5:8.

The Unlimited God – Part 2

When you connect to that God, your Pharaoh will sink in the Red Sea. When you connect to that God, everywhere you go, the glory of your life shall shine…

The Unlimited God – Part 1

Your life will become a wonder and when your life becomes a wonder, people will open their mouth and wonder whether you are the same person or you are different.


I passed on chances to loot.
Still, they termed me a lazy Nigerian youth.

Shine your shine

You were born a star
But will be unstarred
Unless you burn as a star

Against all odds

Why bow down and bow out, when you can stand up and stand tall.

Digital Evangelism

You can start evangelising digitally on your facebook timeline, opening a blog, a website, a facebook page, on whatsapp, twitter, instagram and other social platforms on the internet.

Reach Out

You’re afraid to reach out. Cos you don’t want to end up hitting the brick wall.


Journey with me into this world of mysteries
With unlimited adventure and virtual day dreams

Right Now!

Right now you may be sitting in a hole, instead of a throne…


I am a WOMAN
Powerful beyond understanding
Soft and comforting
A calmness to your turbulence


I gawk at the empty sheet, grasping every word that could possibly come to mind…

Why the confusion?

What’s causing this global upsurge in homosexual, bisexual and transgender lifestyles? Shouldn’t we be either one or the other?

Art Drive – Balance

When taking this shot, I couldn’t help but notice that a plant can blossom on water with very little or no soil. It made me realise that regardless of any situation, once you’re of God, your purpose can’t be void. Beauty can be from anywhere. One such as the lily can make a bland or bleak place look lively.